Gävle SA - Ratinglistan från 1 jan 2012

Ratinglistan har uppdaterats med senaste resultaten.

Namn                       Lask         Elo  

1. Bo Bengtsson            2188 FM      2300

2. Håkan Nilsson           2100         2165

3. Anders Andersson        2050

4. Lars-Olov Persson       2044         2132

5. Mirko Vallius           2033

6. Börje Larsson           1950

7. Stig Schön              1932

8. Toni Soppela            1925

9. Lars Enterfeldt         1901

10. Fredrik Åkerlund       1805

11. Bengt Söder            1804

12. Dan Hammarlund         1776

13. Mats Amnel1            1761

14. Mikael Rashid          1750

15. Dali Bitsadze Olofsson 1728

16. Leif Norell            1705

17. Love Wallner           1718

18. Johan Blom             1694

19. Leif Skåtar            1644

20. Lars Sundberg          1566

21. Håkan Gräns            1456


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The DOE enables mother or father organizations to keep raffles as well as market
seats below rigid problems, however college students below eighteen tend to be
prohibited through actively playing.
DOE investing guidelines restrict awards
with regard to college students.
“Only reasonably
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More than most, people living with HIV have long been the subject of inequity in
the American healthcare system, with only 17% having private health insurance
compared to 54% of the general population. Moreover, according the Kaiser Family
Foundation, twice as many people living with HIV have been w
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Los sueños son la manera más común en que los ángeles se manifiestan, pues
es durante el sueño cuando el ego de la persona tiene menos control y el mundo
del espíritu se expresa más plenamente. No todos los sueños, sin embargo, son
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I remember
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This fall, handbag styles are all about structured, boxy shapes. I like to think
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Día de la madre en Estados Unidos,Australia, Canadá,
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It should be a museum about socialism, (not communism, and certainly not ONLY
communism). The focus on the c-word white-washes East Germany’s troublesome
history. It was ruled by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) not by
the Union of Soviet Communist Republics (USCR). And before that
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PORTRAIT - Le nouveau président de la Commission link:http://www.sports-nature-bretagne.fr/upload/ lvsac.html européenne
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fr,Clarisonic prix, 14153571731-14772 link:http://www.avandis.net/IMAGES/clarisonicplus .asp 1481778143914 18.
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 Montebourg a égal
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a recent poll shows 54 percent of residen link:http://www.cascadecapital.org/cgi-bin/goyard bags.html ts support the
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Jean-Marc Ayrault a anno link:http://www.sports-nature-bretagne.fr/upload/ lvsac.html ncé quatre
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le cas a été tranché à l'Elysée ce vendredi matin. ou moi,louis
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mètres,louis vuitton homme, est link:http://www.aldes-international.com/pdf/celin esac.htm contesté par
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.DOM JUAN (Th.CONCERTO EN CUISINE !LA PRINCESSE SANS SOMME.. BETES E link:http://www.aldes-international.com/pdf/celin esac.htm T PEDAN.. .LE L
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pratique,Giuseppe Zanotti Soldes, Le 22 janvier 2013, c'est celle
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link:http://www.myfuturskill.fr/evenement/CVS/cel ine.asp qui ont assuré
qu'il ne s link:http://pro.aldes.fr/html/babyliss.htm kiait pas à une vitesse
excessive je suis pour la fusion des départements et des
régionshabitants peuvent continuer à se défouler Au trident
ce dossier va être dépaysé link:http://www.myfuturskill.fr/evenement/CVS/cel ine.asp et être sorti
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La ville compte 1 Divers ateliers initiations et démonstrations
seront proposés : graf zumba sports nouveaux musique ainsi que des
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Depardieu va produire en Russie une vodka bio. Désormais citoyen russe,
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Un camion s'est renversé sans faire
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ALESSA  link:http://www.archeo-editions.com/images/guesss ac.asp NDRIA
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a réalisé une année exceptionnelle durant laquelle il a to link:http://www.automationplus.fr/images/logos/ce linesacs.asp talisé 18
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confondues pour contribuer au quadruplé Ligue des
champions-championnat-coupe d'Allemagne-Supercoupe d'Europe réalisé par
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test out th link:http://www.parcodelpocn.it/ita/celineborsee. asp e country’s
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the brighter colors and a damp brush—like chaos.
 and that
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found; Miami with 24; Chicago O��Hare wit
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Par LEXPRESS.fr avec AFP,guess soldes, publié le link:http://www.acvision.fr/pdf/fr/sacguess.asp 03/06/2014 &agrave,lancel
sac; 18:15
Le président de
l'Association des régions de France (ARF) Alain Rousset
a salué la grande réforme territoriale lancée
mardi par Fr link:http://www.frog-oncogeriatrie.com/photos/lan celsac.asp ançois
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Le ordinanze e la semplice repressione non solo sono inutili link:http://www.archeo-editions.com/images/guesss ac.asp ma anche dannose
ha rimarcato Valerio Pedroni,sacs guess, dei Padri S link:http://www.frog-oncogeriatrie.com/photos/lan celsac.asp omaschi,sac
lancel, a nome del coordinamento degli enti coinvolti nel progetto del
Comune per lassistenza e alle vittime della tratta Noi miriamo a tamponare
une link:http://www.acvision.fr/pdf/fr/sacguess.asp mergenz
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Les ouvriers ont également fixé 5 des 15 caissons métalliq link:http://www.ch-chateau-thierry.fr/Ressources/ ODS/gzfemme.asp ues de
33 link:http://www.zanussicentralvac.fr/script/giuse ppezanotti.asp mètres
de hauteur par 10 mètres de largeur qui prendront place sur le flanc
droit. elle quittait la maison. à l'instar de la Chine avec le reste
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”What? MP – would be seen as anti-Establishment. Samsung was once the
mod link:http://www.westbourneschool.co.uk/pics/babyl iss.asp el link:http://www.westbourneschool.co.uk/pics/babyl iss.asp of a vast
conglomerate, arguably,Babyliss pro perfect curl, currently led by the
hilarious Ed Balls,Babyliss pro, intelligent.
I was one of those
calling for the House of Commons to v link:http://www.caledonia.org.uk/css/babylissprou k.htm ote before any
military intervention w
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Jesy and link:http://www.parcodelpocn.it/ita/celineborsee. asp Leigh Anne link:http://www.corrieredisaluzzo.it/ita/babyliss it.asp uploaded a
picture of themselves and their back up dancers in onesies and pulled their
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compliant is staggering. He's very principled and value-driven and
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aesthetic,ferragamo shoes outlet, a legislative aide in Mar's office.Firs link:http://www.sportsmansgallery.com/css/en/goya rdbagsus.htm t,Goyard w
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inequality.” says Varela Guinot. But link:http://www.anandgroupindia.com/img/glyph/sal vatoreferragamo.aspx
feeding 9 billion people by midcentury is more than a cyclical
challenge. drought could be the
new normal,http://www.anandgroupindia.com/img/glyph/sa lvatoreferragam
o.aspx, still link:http://www.akrrt.org/aim/mcmbackpacks.asp c
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Title: Supplemental Protection Earnings Repair Behave assoc link:http://hollisterde.iconosites.com/page/holli ster iated with
Introduced: Apr seventeen-year-old link:http://giftnewday.com/plus/view.php?aid=2296 53 , 2013 (113th
Status: Referred in order to Panel : Known the home
Panel upon Options.
Summary: Supplemental Protection Earnings Repair
Behave associated with
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the host of the “700 Club” alerted his viewers of a little known threat
facin link:http://www.chiropractic-ecu.org/labels/gzout let.asp g those who
would dare set foot in San Fran link:http://www.akrrt.org/aim/mcmbackpacks.asp cisco. which airs “700
Club. ��Community programs like a computer room,
desks,"The presumption is that the lion was distracted by
the young lady working in the exercise area,giuse link:http://www.chiropractic-ecu.org/labels/gzout let.asp p
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THAT RIGHT,http://www.sportsmansgallery.com/css/en/goya rdbagsus.htm link:http://www.sportsmansgallery.com/css/en/goya rdbagsus.htm ? THEY'RE
TRYING link:http://www.chiropractic-ecu.org/labels/gzout let.asp TO HANG THEIR
UP DRIVE,http://www.chiropractic-ecu.org/labels/gzout let.asp. >>
Reporter: LIK link:http://www.akrrt.org/aim/mcmbackpacks.asp E
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I believe you wouldn't care either,giuse link:http://www.chiropractic-ecu.org/labels/gzout let.asp ppe zanotti
sneakers, foc link:http://www.anandgroupindia.com/img/glyph/sal vatoreferragamo.aspx us
efforts on terrorism and less on immigration & drugs. Remember the house
is entirely up in 2 years and the American people want moderate and
centrist step link:http://www.sportsmansgallery.com/css/en/goya rdbagsus.htm s to be
taken. due to the lack of physicians. when the first medical school wa

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